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MSC-100 Wire Cut and Strip - $5,250

Variable speed control

Programmable for up to 90 different wire set-ups

Strips wire from 30AWG to 14AWG and can
handle some wire types outside that range

Bilingual read out - English to Spanish

One Year Warranty

The MSC-100 breaks loose the cut portions of the wire insulation
but leaves them on the wire for later removal by hand.




Variable up to 5,000 feet per hour


30 AWG to 14 AWG

Size (inches):

12 wide, 16 deep, 21 high


40 Lbs

Cutting Length:

0.1" to 9,999"

Strip Lengths:

0.1" to 3.0"
Both ends stripped to
individual dimensions


110 VAC/40W


0.1% of length

Blades CPM:

10V fine grade

Visa, Master Card. Inquire about terms for established accounts.

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Call now for free advice on your wire stripping needs. (800) 490-8520

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